Innovation AveNEW   Program

... for start-up companies.
Kicking off the calendar year, SLAS2017 is the platform event for established companies launching new products and services. Innovation AveNEW   is an in-kind, cost-sensitive program affording emerging, start-up companies the opportunity to actively engage and participate in a world-class event which helps to grow and scale their business as well as directly connects them with purchasing influencers and decision-makers from more than 40 countries.

The mission for Innovation AveNEW   is simple — to offer start-up, entrepreneurial companies in the area of laboratory science and technology a venue for positive, collaborative interaction and exposure for their product and/or service concept. Innovation AveNEW   will be located in a specially designated area on the exhibit floor.

Only a select few start-up companies are chosen for this program each year. Those chosen can only be selected for participation one time. The products and/or services offered must be available for sale/distribution in the year 2017.

Guidelines, Rules and Application Instructions


Candidate companies must align in some fashion with the area of laboratory science and technology, and while it is not required, an established relationship with a university, bioscience incubator, or research institution is desired.


Candidate applications will be reviewed by an Innovation AveNEW   Review Panel.

The Review Panel will evaluate applications for technical merit and commercial feasibility as well as other criteria, inclusive of, but not limited to:

SLAS reserves the right to select and deselect any company at any given time. All decisions are final. Companies selected for participation in Innovation AveNEW   must agree to and adhere to the rules and regulations. Companies may only be selected and participate in Innovation AveNEW   once.


Companies selected to participate in Innovation AveNEW   are given the following items at no cost*. See below for information on travel cost and reimbursement.

**Flight cost covered is limited to $1500.00 (USD) per traveler.

* Costs for transportation (flight, train, car) of one company representative to the event must be pre-approved by SLAS, and will be reimbursed within the guidelines of the SLAS Travel Policy after submission of an SLAS Expense Report, which must be received at SLAS Headquarters within three weeks after the event.

Innovation AveNEW   participants are required to have an official company representative physically present in their booth space at all times during show hours. Failure to meet this requirement may result in forfeiture of any expense reimbursement noted in these guidelines. As well, participants not complying with this requirement may be removed from the show floor.

In addition, all participating companies are asked to submit a previously unpublished scientific manuscript (original research or a related review paper) for peer reviewed publication in JALA or JBS by May 1, 2017. Nan Hallock, SLAS Director of Publishing, will contact you with information on submission guidelines. In the meantime, for more information, please visit www.slas.org/publications/scientific-journals.

Critical Dates

Application Deadline:
Friday, October 14, 2016
Selection Announcement:
Week of October 31, 2016

* Once selected, logistic dates will be supplied.


Mary Geismann, Manager, Member Services
[email protected]
630.256.7527, ext. 109