Special Offering for Innovation AveNEW   Companies:
Discovering Your Value Proposition Seminar

Presented by IOI Partners

At SLAS2016, SLAS partnered with Inside Out Innovations in offering a special, half-day seminar to the participating Innovation AveNEW   companies. This workshop, titled 'Discovering Your Value Proposition’ was a fast-paced, intensive 4-hour workshop that explored value from both the customers' and internal organization's perspectives.

In this workshop, the company representatives worked on developing and refining their existing or hypothesized customer value proposition after clearly identifying the customer(s). Participants were challenged to more thoroughly explore ways to execute and deliver on their customer value proposition by first understanding what they want to get out of the effort internally.

Participating individuals from the companies worked in small group settings to identify the critical activities/objectives necessary to succeed in their efforts to provide value to both their customer and their company. Identifying these critical objectives will enable a team to align their understanding and to focus on what is most important to success throughout the execution of the innovation effort.

SLAS is pleased to again offer this exciting addition to the Innovation AveNEW   program at SLAS2017. Check back for more details!